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Allow your soulful WhOLENESS to flow

a 6-month, private program


Hello Beautiful!

Once you decide you're IN, enrollment in a private coaching package with me has two steps - paperwork and payment.  Once both steps are complete, you have engaged my coaching for the program offered.


Our Agreement

The paperwork is a Legal Agreement that makes clear our roles and what is included, the payment arrangement, and how we will communicate as we work together. You'll receive this via a separate email that comes from Ailia Mira via DocuSign. Once you read, review and sign the document, digitally, I'll receive it. Then I will sign it and we'll both receive a complete copy of our agreement for this engagement.



I quoted rates with you that are available now. As we discussed you may make a single payment, or pay in installments. Choose the payment option that works best for you. These rates are good for 10 days (through Friday, October 5).

Note - there is a quick action savings available - see details below.



Full Payment of $7,500 USD

Save $1,000! - Decisive Pricing of $6,500 USD
For Pay in Full Purchase Only - Available for the next 48 hours. Expires 6:00 pm pacific time, Thursday, September 27, 2018.

YES! I am ready - let's go.


Make an initial (non-refundable) deposit of $1,997.00, followed by 5 (five) monthly payments of $1,111.00, for a total of $7,497.00

Save $1,000! - Decisive Pricing

There is also a decisive payment option, if you prefer with savings, if you prefer to make payments. This Decisive Savings Option is good through 6:00 pm pacific time, Thursday, September 27, 2018. After that, the payment arrangement will include a deposit of $1,997, and 5 (five) subsequent payments of $1,300.00 for a total of $8,497.00.

Make your first payment.
We will invoice you for the balance of your payments.

YES! I am ready - let's go.


Once we've gotten our arrangements in order, we'll arrange time for our Kick Start Call! I look forward to it.

With love,



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